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Industry 4.0 Solutions

We monitor industrial equipment with our ‘Lobsters’, non-intrusive IoT devices.


Let us manage manage everything from A-to-Z;

hardware, firmware, cloud, AI, dashboard, reports and alerts.

lobster multi-sensor

Lobster Multi-Sensor

Industry 4.0 journey starts with connecting industrial assets and capturing their data.


Today companies are spending months if not years for this milestone. However:

  • Connecting to each asset is time-consuming and costly.

  • Data points provided by assets can be unreliable and insufficient.

  • Manufacturers don't have necessary infrastructure to capture big data and generate critical insights.

What if we could do it in minutes?

improve operational performance

Simple & 

IoT Enabled Data Capture

With our plug & play IoT device, we capture equipment behavior in

real-time by monitoring vibration, magnetic field, acoustic, temperature, humidity, gyroscope, light, and air pressure.

Advanced Analytics

Machine learning algorithms specific to asset type, model and industry to capture performance, detect anomalies and predict downtime and root cause.

Data Lake

Digital signal processing allows us to extract key insights specific to each asset. Data is stored and prepared for big data analytics enhanced with machine learning.


We leverage AWS data protection services that provide encryption, key management and threat detection that continuously monitors and protects your your workloads.

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